It gives me great pleasure to welcome your child to Malpi International School. I am sure s/he will be very happy with us and though s/he comes to us as a young child s/he will leave us a fully developed responsible young adult with all the qualities of character and integrity of whom you will be justly proud.

The first few months may be difficult for the new comer. From a comfortable and leisurely life at home, your child will be suddenly thrown into a routine which begins at 6 in the morning and keep her/him on toes up to 9 in the evening. This may prove a little tiring at the beginning, but the purpose of writing this note, is to help you guide your child to prepare for a life in a boarding school.

Reorganize your child's life at home on a similar pattern early with her/his personal belongings and be tidy with her/his clothes, the cupboard and desk. Though the Dormitory Warden and Teachers would be around to supervise, cultivating regular habits would be of great benefit for her/his personal well being. The need to polish one's own shoes must begin now itself, and to mend or stitch a missing button and to wash undergarments or sock after games in the playing field would be a normal task.
It would be of great help if you teach your child to have initiative and confidence so that when s/he has any problem s/he does not hesitate to contact his/her grade-room teacher and/or warden in charge of the Dormitory.
In case s/he is feeling unwell, the nurse attending the infirmary is always on hand to take care of her/his needs. In case of a serious illness, parents will be immediately informed by telephone and sent for. 

Student Achievements :
Student Achievements :
The in built programmes in the students academic curriculum includes activities that promotes the students’ all-round development----music, art and craft, karate, games, physical exercises, drama, debate, quizzes, elocution and many more.