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In the splendour and the beauty Of the glorious gifts of nature Lies our School with a difference Malpi School

With a promise to uphold For the growth of our nation We proceed towards our goal Malpi School

Enquire, Endeavour, Excel ‘Tis our motto forever and ever Enquire, Endeavour, Excel Be our motto forever and ever May the Malpi-ites always bring Love and joy, peace and hope Onwards we shall strive Malpi School

Let us spread the message of peace And show people there is hope Where there’s hope, there is joy Malpi School

Enquire, Endeavour Excel….. May God always guide us Through this journey of life And may Malpi always remain In our hearts throughout our lives.


It gives me great pleasure to welcome your child to Malpi International School. Here, we offer the very best possible opportunities for young enquiring minds to become, confident, thoughtful young people who are prepared for any and all future challenges, in an exciting and increasingly global and fluid world.

Our School boasts of a strong base in the field of quality education, of not only the nation but globally. Through the years, we have set and achieved new goals and dreams, all the while aiming for excellence. Since its inception, the School has exemplified this pioneering spirit of ‘Enquire, Endeavour and Excel’ – our Motto. We set high standards and expectations for our students to achieve and excel in whatever they undertake. From the moment your child joins our community, we want them to feel a sense of happiness and belonging, as this is crucial to their future success.

From its foundation, the School has been guided by a set of core values that form the pillars of a solid basis to enquiring, endeavoring, and excelling. We aim for all students to be happy and to be challenged in a supportive and safe environment by:

  • Promoting Academic Excellence through Progressive Education
  • Cultivating Universal values of respect, integrity, compassion, and justice
  • Encouraging community service engagement and responsibility
  • Leadership in one’s own field
  • Endorsing Environmental Conservation and consciousness
  • Fun, Action-Oriented, and Socially responsible Learning
  • Developing intellectual independence
  • Fostering overall development

Our superb state-of-the-art facilities along with our dedicated and trained Faculty, Administrative, and Support Staff enable us to give the very best of progressive, holistic education that is required for the 21st Century.

We request you to reorganize your child's life at home on a similar pattern early with her/his personal belongings and be tidy with her/his clothes, the cupboard, and desk. Though the Residency Parent In-Charges and Teachers will be there at School to inculcate these values, cultivating regular habits at home would be of great benefit for her/his personal well-being. The need to polish one's own shoes must begin now itself, and to mend or stitch a missing button and to wash undergarments or socks after games in the playing field would be a normal task.

You must also inform us, at the time of admission, of all your child's allergies and ailments s/he is normally prone to. The Medical Form given to you during admission must provide us with the needed information of your child's medical history and the necessary preventive inoculations s/he has had as a child. The child must be taught by you at this stage to avoid such food/medicine that may aggravate any allergic conditions s/he may have. We, in turn, will maintain scrupulously, all medical records and files of every child in the School, after a thorough medical check-up which we shall conduct soon after School commences.

Do not give your child expensive watches, fancy fountain pens, and any other expensive articles of personal wear. No jewelry by way of gold chain, gold bangles, or long earrings are allowed. Giving cash to your child is a serious infringement of the School Rules. Please refrain from doing so. Even food items are not to be given to your child, however fond your child may be of certain items which you have nurtured over the years. I can assure you that we shall pamper all the children at school where food is concerned about feeding them tasty, healthy meals, specially prepared by expert cooks, who are specially trained and experienced.

I am sure s/he will be very happy with us and though s/he comes to us as a young child s/he will leave us a fully developed responsible young adult with all the qualities of character and integrity of whom you will be justly proud. Thank you so much for choosing Malpi International School for your child. Let’s work together to do what is best for the school and all of the students. I look forward to welcoming you to ensure the best standard of education and personal development for your child. I close by assuring you and your entire family members that your child’s stay with us will be a happy, productive, and rewarding one.

Chandrayan Shrestha, Principal