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Advice to new parents

From the Executive Director cum Principal

It gives me great pleasure to welcome your child to Malpi International School. I am sure s/he will be very happy with us and though s/he comes to us as a young child s/he will leave us a fully developed responsible young adult with all the qualities of character and integrity of whom you will be justly proud.
The first few months may be difficult for the newcomer. From a comfortable and leisurely life at home, your child will be suddenly thrown into a routine which begins at 6 in the morning and keeps her/him on toes up to 9 in the evening. This may prove a little tiring at the beginning, but the purpose of writing this note is to help you guide your child to prepare for a life in a boarding school.
Reorganize your child's life at home on a similar pattern early with her/his personal belongings and be tidy with her/his clothes, the cupboard, and desk. Though the Dormitory Warden and Teachers would be around to supervise, cultivating regular habits would be of grea... Read More

Notice Board

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    Please note that the Parents/Guardians are supposed to drop th... Read More

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Malpi News
Dr. Zhivago

Posted On : Jul 17, 2018

We have selected the Musical Play - 'Dᵣ. Zₕᵢᵥₐgₒ' for our Annual School Musical. The first show is on 12th December 2018 (5:00 p.m. show for parents of Grades IX & X) and 13th December 2018 (1:00 p.m. show for the parents... Read More

Malpi News

Posted On : Jul 14, 2018

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1:00 PM Onward

Malpi, Panauti, Kavre

Please note that the Parents/Guardians are supposed to drop their wards at School (Pa... Read More

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Panauti Kavre, Nepal

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