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Annual School Musical Play

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Malpi International School Presents

Annual School Musical Play

Reveiw by one of our former Students Miss Adhyashree K.C. on West Side Story

Watch the Video Promo Here!

Other Reveiws

(Ms. Srinivasan is a renowned Theater Personality)

Dear Jyoti man ji,

First, thank you! For inviting me with such sincerity, an invitation I couldn't refuse when there is such clear passion for theatre. I was unprepared to be giving an award...I have to say I don't feel I deserve the honor bestowed upon me!

I find it incredible that this was done in 3 weeks you say??? What?? Clearly I have a lot to learn from your team!!

This show was definitely vastly better than the one I saw two days ago. Technically it was a lot smoother (especially sound, lights and projection). But most importantly the cast had a much stronger performance and energy. One stand out performance for me was Bernardo. He will go far if he chooses to act! I also thought Maria was very strong. And Riff. In that order.

The lead singers for Tony and Maria were also wonderful. Maria's singing voice was very unique, and has incredible range. In fact, your singers in general were quite strong and were a huge plus for the show.

The following are general points that I use, and I think work for all productions. They may be useful for your team. Please bear in mind that these are just helpful pointers...and it does not take away from the overall stupendous feat you have all put together with in such little time:

  1. UNITY OF ELEMENTS TO SERVE THE STORY: I myself am a sucker for multi-media productions. But I think it makes it more difficult to control quality with every element we add. So when we have set, lights, projection, singing, dancing, costumes etc...there are so many elements - it is that much more of a challenge to have them all serve one purpose (the story). When they work together in unison it is splendid. (Eg. when tony and Maria are in the moving balcony with the moon and star projection - it was beautiful to experience). When they don’t, then they can be distracting (eg. some of the gobo lights during the dance party, or the projection during the abstract dance sequence when Maria and tony run away).
  2. UNIFORM ENERGY IN CAST: I have done one student production (alok school, where I had to use all 280 students from Prekg to grade 12), and I know working with students who are busy with studies is a whole other challenge than working with professionals, especially with minimal tech rehearsal. While there are some members of the cast who one is naturally drawn to watch because of their energy and talent, others become an energy sink because they simply don’t have the confidence or skill. Simple things like making sure ALL performers look up at the audience, not have downward gaze, can make a huge difference in the energy the audience receives. For example, I thought Anita could have been much stronger (especially in the “America” song, which otherwise was great) if she had simply just looked at us in the audience, rather than have her eyes down a lot of the time. 
  3. SMOOTH TRANSITIONS: Keep Transitions smooth (sound, light, projection, actors), to maintain the flow of story for the audience. (Special bravo to the crew who did the set changes efficiently and smoothly in the show!)

Congratulations to you and your whole team on a wonderful, wonderful show. Thank you for the experience, and your immense contribution to musical theatre in Nepal!

Warm regards,

Kavita Srinivasan



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