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Mock Elections 2019

Posted On: Feb 20, 2019

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Mock Elections 2019!





Mock elections have been a strong culture of Malpi International School as per its philosophy of experiential learning. Social studies teachers could do this chapter in their 40 minutes class but we make it an affair of a whole week. These elections are conducted on the Democracy day every year.

The elections this year are going to be conducted on 19th February but its process began on 12th of February in which the students come to know about the party formation and registration in the election commission, ballot box, ballot papers, election campaign, election code of conduct, election manifesto, election observation, exit poll, federal and Provincial level elections and their importance and many more through their active participation.

In the process, there are several briefings from our teachers and debates between the candidates which are really helpful to understand democracy and elections in a complete manner.

This time, we have 4 parties - Sagarmatha, Khukuri, Laliguras and Dhaka Topi. The students are divided in to 5 provinces. All eligible voters will get two ballot papers – 1 for the provincial election and the other for the federal legislature.

Two of the Facilitators Ms. Anishmita Shah and Mr. Sanjay Ghimire are the election commissioners for this time.  Although only 15 of the candidates are going to be the winners, nearly 70 students from Grade IV – VI get chance to develop their leadership skills as the party Presidents, Vice-Presidents and candidates from different parties and provinces.

On the whole, it is an experiential and meaningful learning exercise and an important life skill for all of the students.

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