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Notice for Summer Break 2020

31st July 2020


Dear Parents/Guardians,


We are pleased to inform you that the Second Periodic Performance Evaluation (2nd PPE) has been completed. The Evaluation is based on the overall performance in academics, i.e. students attendance, interactions, tests, quizzes, group work presentations, long hours test, etc. We are glad that there has been an overall progress in all our students. However, the academically weaker students are requested to devote some time in revising basic concepts of different subjects. All the students should also spend some time listening to news and watching educational programmes on T.V. and the internet. Besides, I am sure they are assisting in the household chores and spending quality time with the family.


We thank many of you for depositing the proposed fees from Jestha 2077 BS. As you know, that we have waived off the fees for Baisakh 2077. Now this amount is just sufficient to cover our basic necessities at school and payment of 50% salary for all our staff members. So we request others who haven't made their payments yet to kindly deposit the above mentioned fees in the school accounts at the earliest. 


Kindly ensure that you pay the School fee in our Accounts; Acc. # 01900160030016, Himalayan Bank Ltd., Thamel & Acc. #13500100714561000004, Prabhu Bank Ltd., Kamaladi. It means a lot to our staff members who have been working hard to provide the online course to our students since the first week of Baisakh 2077 BS. 


However, we are surprised to note that many parents have yet to clear the fees for the last academic year 2019-2020. We have been following up since a few months back. But then we can no longer wait as we are now in financial need due to the pandemic situation. 


We hope you understand and we look forward to your cooperation.  Should you have any doubts, queries, or just want to meet with us then please contact our City Office (01-4169119). We shall be more than happy to meet with you. 


Please note that we have Summer Break for our students from 1st - 8th August 2020. However, the Faculties will be participating in the in-service training from the 1st - 3rd August 2020. The Online classes will resume from 9th August 2020. For any other matters, you are requested to send an email at or call up our Admin in Panauti from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. only. 


Once again, we would like to thank you for your kind support and understanding. We hope to see our students rejuvenated after their Summer Break. We hope you have an enjoyable break with your ward.


With warm regards,


Yours sincerely,


Chandrayan P. Shrestha


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