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Dear Principal Sir,

A very good afternoon to you. We just wanted to thank you for every aspect that has been worked upon to make my ward a person he is today. It is really gratifying to see him grow to a thorough gentleman he is today, with his level of confidence, how independent he has become, his moral values and general understanding of things. 

Looking back, we recall that we did look for some other schools that would take him for longer hours since we both are working parents and our jobs demand lots of time and effort. But when we came to see Malpi for the first time, Shreyash's instant reaction was that he wants to be in this school no matter what. because he so very much liked the big football ground and how big the school is. But am not sure how much he actually played in that ground 😀.He was very sure that he wanted to be there. To tell you honestly, I was never read to send him to the boarding school.  But now when we see his journey in Malpi School and also our journey as parents, we feel that enrolling him to this school has been the best decision he made for himself and for us as parents to agree upon. 

With time, we realized that Malpi is the perfect combination of home like stable space with its firm boundaries yet lots of freedom for the children to learn, explore and discover their likes and dislikes and a direction on what they like to do in their lives. For us as parents, we feel the person he has become is the greatest achievement. Also, all the children of Malpi would certainly have a strong foundation to move ahead and explore more.

We are extremely grateful to you, all the teachers, administrative staffs- sirs and ma'ams, support team- all dais and didis, all his friends for taking care of him, for loving him and for being there for him and letting us know or rather making us feel that he is in the safe hands every time we drop him off to school. 

Whenever he is back home, he talks about all his friends, teachers and everything that happened in school with such fondness that we can clearly figure out how comfortable he is and thoroughly enjoying the stay there. Whenever we have had discussions on changing the school and minor arguments on how things should be and shouldn't be, he always comes up with how he will never find the same (even similar) friends, teachers and everything relating to school. It really warms our hearts. 💖.

Thank you for everything.


Prakash Pradhan and Srijana Pradhan

(Father and Mother- Shreyash Pradhan)

Dear Sir,

There are some things in life that you almost take for granted only realizing later, you should've been more grateful towards it. Some realization only come to you when you're long gone on your way to a different stage of life. However, it's never too late to show your gratitude towards the past, no matter how far you've come in the never ending road of life. 

It has almost been 9 years since I graduated from Malpi. My youth years tell me I've come really far since that moment in life. I now realize how granted I took my experience of being in Malpi while I should've been more grateful then. Being in Malpi taught me lessons that would've taken me years to learn if it were somewhere else. For that, I'm filled with life long gratitude towards the school and the gratitude that I show would never be enough compared to what I feel.

While attending my examination procedure for officer cadet, there were critical phases where I was put to test regarding my capability. While attending the training phase, there were more critical moments where I had to prove myself...again and again. I learned, being a part of military means having to prove yourself time and again. You're being tested of your limits and you HAVE TO  surpass all the difficulties, exceed your limits and survive to another dawn of being the tough rock. For me, I wouldn't say it was easier compared to any other of my course mates. But the things that I gained from malpi helped me throughout  the cadet experience. I was able to speak up bravely, be the confident person that I was taught  to be and stand up as a commander to lead any group.

Without a second thought, Malpi is the ultimate platform to hone your skills and be the person who will be able to stand out in any circumstances of life. I've learned to enquire, endeavour and excel as the school motto goes and I hope and wish that every student in Malpi will be able to do and later when it comes to.

Thank you for making me the person that I am today.

My endless gratitude to the school and every person who groomed me while I was there.

Yours Sincerely,

Lt. Kriti Rai

7th Batch

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